Saturday, March 10, 2012


Hi ..Happy Sunday everyone..

Just would like to share this funny quotes about friendship that I came across from the web..
kind of interesting ..Yet ...TRUE..

Note : thank you for the owner of this photo/quote for sharing..

11 March ..

Tomorrow at 2.46 pm, will be exactly 1 year since the last Sendai Equake and Tsunami 2011. I just could not imagine what I had experienced on that was just like a dream ..bad dream.  On that 11 March, me (myself),  my 4 years old daughter together with my 2 close friends were in a restaurant in Shinjuku for lunch after our window shopping together. 

Actually, I had a very strange feelings from the day before it happened, it was kind of bad feeling that I could not figure ..What?! about 2.46 pm, that was the historic time of the devastated tragedy in Sendai, the Earthquake plus the Tsunami.., only God knows what was my feeling at that time..

It started with a mild move then it gotten more bigger. We decided to walk out from the restaurant ..and we saw..all the Japanese were looking up..up at the cloud. I am so scared compared with my 2 friends and my daughter was full of shocked. Many things occurred in my mind..especially to see all the tall buildings in the middle of  Shinjuku town swayed left and right. Our foot goes up and down together with the sound of the movement of the earthquake proof buildings. The faces of my love ones automatic played in my mind. I just felt like.. was it the end of the world or was it really bad earthquake ...

I prayed in my heart and really hope for the earthquake to stop. After a while it stopped and we decided to walk towards the station..and too bad all the trains were suspended at that time. 

After that..the earth started to move again..for some time..people got panicked again. 

At last we decided to walk from Shinjuku to Shibuya..its about 6km.  I felt that day was so dark and full of sadness. For that night I had to stay at my friend's house ..and I managed to come home the next day.., I am thankful thankful...

I just can't believe my eyes ...

Praying for the best ..

My sincere condolences to all that lost their families in that tragedy...and may all of us be protected no matter where we are...

Tomorrow will be a sad day to remember.., but while we are still here..we hope for the best and prepare for the best...

My LOVE to all ...I "heart" Japan..trully an amazing country...

To all salute to all....



If you are still in Japan..just get yourself prepared....

My Humbleself...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chocolate Muffins...

Yesterday, I baked some Chocolate muffins for  breakfast as requested by my son. Since I do not have the mood to bake or to practice my icing ...I agreed to make him a simple muffin. He was so happy and repeatedly said.." this was what I wanted..simple, tasty and yummy...".

To him, thank you for making my you lots..



Yes, today is Thursday...looking forward for tomorrow...because it will be Friday, and its ALL

" Have a great day and...

Me as I am... "

Tuna Croissant Sandwich..

Felt like eating Tuna Croissant while on my way back from the clinic with my darling daughter. 

Hoping for the speedy recovery for my daughter...because..


Here is the Recipe.., I just use what I have in the kitchen ..

Tuna Croissant Sandwich


2 croissants
1 1/2 small can (about 80gm each can) tuna chunks in oil, drained
thousand island (if you want to)1 small onion, finely chopped
salt to taste
black pepper to taste
sliced cucumber
shredded cabbage (since I do not have lettuce and tomato)


Drain the tuna and light mash tuna chunks in the bowl
Add in chopped cube onions, mayonnaise, thousand island, a bit of salt and black paper.  Mix them well.
To assemble the croissant sandwich - make a slit in the centre of the croissant to fill in the Tuna. Do not cut through both ends. Place the shredded cabbage (or lettuce), tomatoes and cucumber in the pocket. Lastly add the Tuna filling, you can add more black pepper if you like it to be spicy.

I LOVE to eat this with the chilly or thai sauce. This croissant will always remind me of my father ..this is his favorite choice at Deli France.

Quotes for thoughts...

Yes! good one..Wake Up.., wake up for the best each single day...!! 

Till then...Cheers!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Speedy Recovery ..

Love this cupcakes that I found in one of the web..simply sweet and subtle..
I really "HEART" this.., credit to the owner for the beautiful talent..

Leap Year Snow 2012..

Leap Year Snow 2012.., one of the "Creator" amazing creations..






Japan's Emperor Tsugunomiya Akihito ..

Happy to hear and read about the successful cardiac bypass for Emperor Akhito...

Read the link for the report from CNN,
Successful Cardiac bypass for Emperor Akhito..

Ki otsu ke te Dear Emperor...and 
"Omedetou gozaimasu" 
 to the Doctors and the team for the well done job! 

Till then ..