Monday, August 6, 2012

Kuih Koci

Last weekend.. I made my father's favorite "kuih" called "Kuih Koci". 

I used the recipe of  Chef Norzailina Nordin in her book titled "Masakan Popular Malaysia". I bought this book about 7 years ago and having it till now..its really help me a lot ..and what a great guide for me in my kitchen *-*.





If you feel like trying Chef Norzailina's it goes..

Kuih Koci Chef Norzailina Nordin (for 6 to 8 pax)
Source - Masakan Popular Malaysia published by Pustaka Zaman
Pg 74 

For the Dough

500 gm of Glutinous Rice Flour
1/4 tspn of salt..(reduce to your liking)
450 ml coconut milk
Cooking Oil
20-25 pieces of banana leaves (18 x 20 cm, heat it at the stove until the color change (for a while). This will make the banana leaves pliable. 

Coconut Fillings

4 Tbspn of white sugar 
5 Tbspn of brown sugar
100 ml water
1 Pandan Leave 
280 gm white shredded coconut

How to make the Filling

1) Boil the white and brown sugar with the water until it dissolved. Sieve them.
2) Add the shredded white coconut in a pan and add no1. Add the Pandan leave. 
3) Mix well and stir on a medium heat of fire until the mixture thicken. Set aside to cool.
4) Optional - you can add a pitch of salt if you want you.

How to make the Dough

1) Mix the glutinous rice flour, salt, and coconut milk until it become a soft smooth dough. 
    (Add the coconut milk bit by bit). 
2) Separate the dough to about 20-25 small balls (it is up to you for the size of the dough, no 
    special size for this..I prefer the medium size..not to big!)
3) Take one of the balls and flatten it to put in the filling, about 1 1/2 to 2 teaspoon for each 
4) Take the banana leave 
5) Dip in the oil (as per the above pic)
6) Put the ball in the banana leave and wrap it neatly wither a cone shape or the normal 
7) Repeat the same steps for others.
8) Steam for about 15 to 20 minutes in a medium boiling water.
9) Remove from steamer and allow it to cool before serving. 

Note : the steamer should be in medium heat.

For reference ..check the video from Poh's Kitchen. Thank you for sharing your version of Kuih Koci. 
This might help !

Feel free to try and half the portion of the ingredients if you wish too...!

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Thank you for you time..

Jelly ...

Lets see our family's favorite ....Jelly ..



My Colourful Jelly together with Fruit Cocktail and Evaporated Milk ..


My Milo Layer Jelly !




Roti Jala for Iftar 2012..


My Roti Jala again..this time for Iftar just after I came back from our family's summer break...this time .. looked a bit different that the previous RJ that I had made..not like "curlers"..whatever it is..I used the same recipe as I updated before. 

Note..if you find the batter a bit thick add some water ..(not too much ok !)

See you again ..and 

Note : Quotes from the web,,..thank you for sharing..!

Ramadan 2012

Assalamualaikum Dear All

Another long silence from my last post and now we meet again in the month of Ramadhan. How time flies ..and thank you for another day in this world..Alhamdulillah. 

What is Ramadhan.., click the link below to know ...

Note : the above photos were taken from the web and thank you for sharing !

What else do we want in this world expect for being able to become a good servant to our Creator and all in this world. Life is too short ..till then I pray for PEACE AND SAFETY in this world..

Take life as it comes..sometimes it may not be the way we want..but believe comes with reason....God knows better.

To all..Appreciate this time of Ramadhan as we do not know whether there will more for us later...

Till then...take care ..!