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Hi and Good Morning everyone,  A BIG thank you for another beautiful day to explore..

Yesterday..I managed to make my own Chawan-Mushi with the recipe from Kak Hani (Thank you so much Kak Hani for sharing).

Before that, I browse some videos and blogs on how to prepare the Chawan-Mushi to get the clearer picture. If you feel like trying on your own, why don't you read and watch the two links below. It might help you a lot. 

As for me, I omitted the sake/mirin.  I also used the normal steamer pot (2 separate pots) and not as the video but the steps are about the same.

The Links :  

 (4 - 5 cups)

  • 3 eggs (M size)
    450ml dashi (chicken or fish stock)
    @1 tbsp kikkoman soy
    @1/4 tbs sugar
    @ 1/2 tsp salt
    100gm chopped cooked chicken breast meat 
    Shiitake mushrooms, slice into strips 
    Fish Cake 
    Carrot (Optional)
    2 spring fresh Coriander leaves, for garnish


  1. Add 450ml dashi with @
  2. Chop the chicken (boil for a while)
  3. Slice shiitake mushroom into strips (put a side)
  4. Carrot (boil) - Optional
  5. In a medium bowl, whisk or beat the eggs gently (just with a wrisk, spoon or chopsticks), please make sure not to bubble the eggs
  6. Add the dashi mixture in the egg mixture gradually
  7. Strain the egg mixture
  8. Boil the water using your steamer (I used my the normal 2 stacks steamer and not like the video)
  9. Put the chicken, prawn and sliced shiitake in the cup
  10. Preheat the steamer on high heat
  11. When the water is hot, put the cups in the steamer for about 10 seconds
  12. Slowly pour in the egg mixture into each cup (3/4 cup)
  13. Steam for 1or 2 minutes on high heat and put a chopstick at the lid to prevent the temperature from being too hot. (Important steps)
  14. Then, reduce to heat to low and steam for about 10-15 minutes (with the chopstick at the lid) until the egg is form but soft. 
  15. Stick a bamboo skewer in the cup and if  you can see the clear soup on top of the Chawan-Mushi, it means that its done. 
  16. Add the Coriander leaves and cover the cups.
  17. Serve it hot.

Tips for Chawan-Mushi
(amended as per my experienced)
Thank you to "Fitter than Choc" Blog for some of the Tips
  • Strain the egg mixture through a sieve. This is the secret to a silky and smooth Chawan-Mushi. 
  • Pour the mixture into the cups/ramekins SLOWLY, to prevent all the ingredients from floating to 
  • Place a tea towel under the lid to catch any condensation.
  • Steam on high for 2 mins, then continue on low heat for another  10-12 minutes until it cook.

The Malay Version Recipe

(4-5 orang)

3 biji telur (saiz M)
450ml dashi
@ 1 sudu besar kicap kikkoman
@1/4 sudu besar gula
@ 1/2 sudu kecil garam
100gm isi ayam
3 keping shiitake
5 keping carrot (potong nipis, terap bentuk bunga) - Optional
Daun ketumbar


  1. Campur dashi bersama bahan bertanda @
  2. Potong ayam  dan rebus sebentar. Potong shiitake. Rebus sebentar carrot. Ketepikan.
  3. Pukul telur, jgn bagi berbuih. tuang kedalam 1. kacau rata, tapiskan.
  4. Didihkan air dalam kukusan yang muat kesemua bekas chawan mushi 
  5. Apabila air telah panas, masukkan bekas chawan mushi yang telah berisi ayam, udang, cendawan shiitake dan fish cake ke dlm kukusan, biarkan bekas2 itu panas sebentar (dalam 5-10 saat)
  6. Tuangkan perlahan2 campuran telur tadi kedalam bekas chawan mushi hingga 3/4 cawan
  7. Biarkan api kuat sedikit (dlm 1 minit) pada permulaan, dan perlahan api selepas ini (sila lihat video di link di atas)
  8. Kukus dalam 10-15 minit atau sehingga masak. Buka dan cucuk. Bila air jernih keluar dari chawan mushi makna ia telah masak. 
  9. Masukkan daun ketumbar dan hiasan fish cake  (optional), tutup api.
  10. Angkat dan hidangkan. Sedap dimakan panas2.

  • Telur jgn terlebih pukul. Kacau sekadar pecah kuning telur dan sebati shj.
  • Tapiskan campuran kuning telur dan dashi.
  • Api kukusan kuat untuk 1-2 minit pertama dan kemudian perlahan api (api yang kecil) kukusan hingga masak.
  • Buka sedikit tutup kukusan seperti di link video.
  • Jika gunakan periuk kukus, balut penutup dengan kain.

My Chawan-Mushi...


Happy Trying and Sharing is Caring  ( ◜◡‾)(‾◡◝ )..