Sunday, November 25, 2012

Beriani Bento..


For my daughter Bento Box today, Beef Beriani with tomotaes and cucumber, 1 small plain cuppies and oranges for dessert.

Hope she will love this ..

Quotes to share .., I'm  loving it !..

Love, Sincere and True

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tea Party..

I simply love Tea Party.., the themes, the decorations, concepts, the preparation and anything about Tea Party. 

Since I was tight up with my schedule last month..,  I'm unable to arrange one for my little daughter...


last week..I managed to fulfill her wish and I am glad and happy for her and me. I am happy that I'm able to explore and do something that I like during the preparation for the Tea Party. Actually ..nothing much to do ! I only do with all the thing that I have at home and decorate and decorate!

At last..I love the daughter love her tea party too.., thumbs up to me !..

At the end of the day..before she went to sleep.., she kissed and hugged me ..and said.."thank you Umi for the tea party..i am super happy today.., i love u "..

Again..the art of communication is simply can turn you up and even turn you down..

I am thankful to have her in my life.., her warm loving remarks will always make my day..!

Let enjoy some of my 1st Tea Party photos for my daughter..




I am so happy for being able to experience all this..another day to remember ..

love and happiness;


What is Birthday ..well its when a person celebrates his/her anniversary day of birth,

And its the day of happiness for most children..they simply love cakes, candles, presents and the wishes. 

Like any other kids, last month was my "little princess" birthday. She wanted to share her wonderful day with all her friends at school. I prepared some cakes, party packs and ordered some pizzas for her friends and teachers. 

I know its not the custom to celebrate all this.., but to see the smile in her face  ...its a happiness to me! any other parents..nothing its more important than HAPPINESS..

My Dearest Daughter..i really love you, YOU will always be my little girl                     
..and may you will always be happy and be protected from any harm in life..


- My Smurf cake and cuppies ..

- the party packs ..


I really hope there will be another tomorrow for us and everyday till the end of my destiny..

I love this photo, tq for sharing this beautiful photo...

Whatever...cherish all you have today..because we might not what will happen tomorrow...

In Shaa ALLAH ..we will meet again..