Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Humbleself ..


"Ohayogozaimas means "Good Morning" in English and "Selamat Pagi" in Bahasa Malaysia.

I am from Malaysia, love my country so much and I also love being in  Japan, the Land of Rising Sun. I am so blessed with what I have. Thank you for my Creator for all this. Siapalah saya tanpaMU yang MAHA BESAR LAGI  MAHA BERKUASA.

My special thanks goes to my beloved parents for bringing me to this world and thank you for blessing my marriage. I believe that having their blessing will make my life happier, InsyaALLAH.

I know this will sounds bored...but my blog will be more about cooking "trial and error " to explore about the great food in this world that u might like or might not like. My reference will be from my friends, cooking or baking classes, books and the cooking blogs in the web. 

There will also be some of my memories in Japan and Malaysia.

Please mind my grammar...


"Ki o tsu kete ne" means "Take care" in English and "Jaga Diri " in Bahasa Malaysia. 

Till we meet again ...Here ..I am as I am...LOVE from Nipponland ..

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