Sunday, June 10, 2012


Hi All...How are you? Hope all of you are just fit and fine.

I am so tight up with so many things nowadays ...and will update my blog whenever I have the time..

Okay..let me start with ..., 

I will definitely miss a friend of mine who is going back this coming Thursday, 13 June 2012  to our home country for good.

I believe..Good Friends are like "Famous Amos" cookies.., the taste will always remain in my tongue and in my mind ..., Yes ! good friend will always stay in our heart ..

It is difficult to find a good friend but once you have them...appreciate and accept them as they accepted us.., we are not perfect nor close to perfect..

To this friend of mine..all the best in life and hope to keep in touch. 

I agree to this..

Okay..will update more later ..have to take my daughter to the Clinic..she's not well today.., till then..have a great day and take care..

Love and I remain...