Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Today ..my Tuesday at Home

Now, its Autumn..its my favourite season of all. The weather and the colors of the trees .. ..just simply AMAZING. 

Nothing special ..just another day while I'm here. Many things happened in this world, and life is just unpredictable ..so as we are still here ...do the best of everyday in life. 

This week will be the school holiday for my son and not for my daughter. How I wish they could have the same holiday so that I could plan something for them. 

Since they are at home..I prepared simple lunch for them. I made them Spiced Fried Chicken  to go together with sambal belacan and white rice. Simple and satisfying for them. 

If you wish to try ..here goes the recipe..

Spiced Fried Chicken (original recipe from Chef Hanieliza- tq Chef, simply love your simple yet delicious recipe)

Ingredients (A)

5 pieces of chicken legs
1 tspn of white pepper
1 tspn or tbspn of chili powder
1 tspn of turmeric

Ingredients (B) - Blend

5-6 clove of garlic or 1 tbsp of  garlic
1 inch of ginger or 1 tbsp of the ginger
3/4 stalks of lemon grass
(Note- You can also add an onion if you like)


Marinate A and B for atleast 1/2 hour
Heat the oil and deep fry the chicken until golden brown. 
You can also add the curry leaves when frying ..its optional anyway..

Happy trying..and believe me..

No matter how the recipe is...,  ..we do have certain instinct for our cooking whether to add/ reduce or even to omit certain ingredients ...follow your instinct and taste ..the recipe is just a guide and the rest is all your show..:))

My Spiced Fried Chicken 

JunkoRhyme© - Spiced Fried Chicken

Till then ..enjoy Autumn ..


Take care from me;