Sunday, June 29, 2014

1 Ramadhan 1435 Hijrah - 29 June 2014

Good Day Everyone 

Alhamdulillah completed my 1st day of Ramadan in summer. Another year in the holy month or Ramadhan..a month of giving, forgiving and full of blessings. By all all the good things and try your very best to devote yourself to Allah swt. Theres too many things that we have to be thankful in life…another day in life is the another blessings…another Ramadhan every year is a bonus .. Nothing more ..than I am so THANKFUL… 

Our life and death is already is just the matter of when, time and how! 

Enjoy Ramadhan and In sha Allah .. Syawal and many more .. 


Salam Ramadan
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