Saturday, June 21, 2014

Kuih Kasui Cuti Sekolah

Happy Saturday to all .. another day in our life ..another story and another blessings .. Alhamdullilah. Life is too short to mess around with unnecessary life as it is. 
Accept each of us as they are and the most important is that ..never compare and never judge!
If you stop comparing and count each blessings you have.. everything will be alright ..till then ..Enjoy Saturday.

I made some "Kuih Kasui" for me to bring to my friend's house and some for my family at home. 

Thank you to the recipe by "Dari Dapur MaDiHaA". Here the link for the recipe if you would like to try ! (except that I omitted the kicap, the rest i follow as it is)

The recipe in English

(A) Ingredients

3 cups all purpose flour
1 1/2 cups palm sugar
1/2 cup tapioca flour
7 cups water 
2 pandan leaves
3 teasp alkaline water (lye water) or air kapur

(B) The coconut to cover the "kuih" 

Dry shredded coconut steam with a bit of salt and water (if you are using the dry ones). If you are using the fresh grated coconut, just add bit of salt without the water).


Prepare round/square medium steaming tray or baking pan. Grease lightly with cooking oil. Put aside.

(A) Boil the palm sugar with 3 cups of water until it dissolves + the pandan leaves. Strain the  sugar and add another 4 cups of water. Set aside. 

Heat the steamer.

Put all purpose flour and the tapioca flour in a mixing bowl. Slowly add (A) + alkaline water or air kapur and mix well.

Then, put it in a blender and blend for less than 5 second. 

Strain the batter and put your batter in the container.

Steam for about 45 to 50 minutes.  Remove the container from the steamer and let the kuih to cool in the container completely. 
Then, you can cut the kuih in squares or diamond shapes.
Steam your fresh white coconut or the dry coconut (add some salt). Roll the kuih in the coconut mixture or scatter coconut mixture over the cut pieces of kuih and serve.

My Kuih Kasui


Food For Thoughts !

lots of love